Corporate Video Production is a catch-all to several types of videos. Certain scenarios are live events whereas others require research and pre-production to learn your brand or train your team on a specific function. Most Corporate Videos are captured in a single day or evening (live event) and frequently our work is performed as a hybrid of both photo and video.

We follow a similar creative process outlined in our Commercial Work.

Recruitment Films

Ambition: You need to showcase your company culture to potential recruits.

Action: Our task is to learn the values of your company and position your team as thought leaders while showing (not telling) the workplace. A great recruitment film will incorporate and blend many of the previous videos listed. Through dynamic interviews, positive staff testimonials and cinematic support footage your potential recruits will see and learn every feature about your company.

Live Event Production

Ambition: You have a live event, conference, or training seminar that you need captured or highlighted.

Action: Our experienced team of photographers and/or videographers can seamlessly integrate into your live event and capture the highlights of your event. We can do same day edits or later delivery for social media. We dress appropriately, we blend in and transform into the eyes and ears of the event.

Product / Virtual Tour Video

Ambition: You have a product or service that you need to educate, inform, or entice your audience.

Action: Our task is to bring your product to life. This can include your product being featured in a unique space or how your product is created and delivered to your clients. We approach this type of production with the goal to visualize all the features and functions of the product. We want your product to look its best, so we always bring professional lights and macro lenses to highlight every possible detail. Add graphics, animations to our cinematic visuals and your audience will be captivated.

Training Video

Ambition: You need to educate staff, clients or potential investors on a specific function of your product or service.

Action: We ask two questions; How can we educate your audience and what are you trying to teach? Our first step is to learn the exact function, safety requirements or recipe of the product. We often call this type of work a “Process Film” as we show (and tell) your audience step-by-step. These videos are detailed orientated and frequently contain on-screen graphics to aid the instruction. When we create these videos we work to remove any of the guesswork for your audience as we know you want this to be a one stop for all the training required.


Ambition: You need to promote a new feature, service, or event.

Action: Our task is to create an engaging and entertaining video that highlights your feature. Brevity is key when promoting an event and we will work with you to create a clear and concise message that motivates your target audience to react.

Interviews or Testimonials

Ambition: You need to attract new customers or share stories from past clients.

Action: Our task is to share your story by capturing authentic testimonials from your clientele. Talking Heads are usually the key component of this type of video but we also try to add in B-Roll footage to compliment aspects of your service. We can provide a studio space for production, or our creative team can turn your space into eye-catching, aesthetically pleasing scene. We understand the value of a strong online presence with good reviews and positive customer stories. A fundamental feature that the Director will provide is guiding the subject to deliver lines comfortably and naturally which creates brand authenticity.

Corporate Same Day Edit

Ambition: You want to spice up your corporate event, luncheon, trade show or gala.

Action: Our task is to capture the soul of your event by filming the people, products, décor, keynote speakers and anything else of importance. While our videographer captures the events, our editor is simultaneously assembling the content into a fun video which you can showcase on the same day of your event. Since the video is completed on the same day, it’s also ready for social media within 24 hours of the event.

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