Leonard Walt

Author: Captivate Photo+Cinema |

"Adam and Taylor from Captivate over-delivered on every aspect of this production. Over the course of two days, they meticulously captured more than 20 pages of dialogue that we provided for use in an online training program. The attention to detail was apparent as soon as we entered the studio. Adam decided to shoot in his space and said he would turn his office into a full-out 'mixing studio' and he did just. Setting up sound panels, led lights, mixing boards and microphones all to create the effect of a professional sound studio. As soon as the cameras started rolling I knew we were in good hands. The technical knowledge Adam and Taylor showcased was impressive, to say the least. They even brought out a photographer on both days to capture some production stills which we used for promotional purposes. Once we were done, the team got to work on the editing.... He provided rough cuts of the 20+ videos with detailed notes of where we would take the project from there. Once we agreed on the narrative, Adam started filling out the project with an interesting take on b-roll which helped to create a dynamic visual piece. The overlays and graphics used were modern and eye-catching and the final delivery was on time, on budget, and everything we had hoped for. Captivate was a pleasure to work with and their professionalism and skill were second to none. We look forward to working with them again as our project develops"

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