Amanda Pepin

Author: Captivate Photo+Cinema |

My husband and I are so pleased with our experience with Captivate Cinema. We had to postpone our first wedding date thanks to you know what ( C Word) but we were never the less looking forward to Captivate capturing our big day. From the beginning, Adam was responsive and upbeat when communicating with us which set the mood right from the start. After meeting the rest of the crew, we knew they would be the greatest addition to our wedding day. Adam captured our wedding ceremony perfectly so that a few of our wedding guest could watch from home. We had family tune in all the way from Tennessee and Germany! Fraser and Ryan made our wedding party laugh from start to finish. They really were our “hype men” Fraser’s personality and smile really helped calm our nerves and Ryan’s calm demeanor and kindness was ... displayed effortlessly. Before leaving, the boys had a chat with Paul and I about our day and life in general - I felt sad having them leave. I think I hugged them a few times before departing because I felt like I couldn’t show my true gratitude towards them enough. The day I received the email from Taylor to say our video was complete with the link.. oh my! We watched it immediately. Taylor did an amazing job catching our silliness and light hearted relationship. Bonus that my all time favorite song made the vid. I am still watching the video every 3 days now to relive the best days of our lives, but we look forward to watching our day play out 10, 20 years from now. Thank you so much Captivate Team for spotlighting our brightest day ❤️

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