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Kim+Alex | Across Borders

Across Borders is a fitting title for Kim+Alex The two of them met and lived abroad from Canada to the US. Their relationship endured the challenge of distance but their feelings for each other made the connection last. This +celebrate short turned out to be a wonderful little story into their relationship....

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Stefanie+Kevin | Lasting Memories

There is truth in the term lasting memories. In 2014 we captured Michelle+Tony’s wedding. In 2015 we captured Telma+Joe’s wedding. In 2016 we captured Carina+Matt’s wedding. Stefanie was at all three events and now it’s her turn. It’s an amazing feeling when our work is seen through a circle of peers and as they all start the...

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Ainsley+Chris | Connected

The Internet has connected us to each other. For some, it's a life-long connection. Ainsley and Chris met through eHarmony about seven years ago. Their first date was at a coffee shop where they hit it off so well that their conversation continued after the shop closed. Eventually as the sole...

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