We Are Captivate

We are award winning filmmakers and photographers whose passion for telling unique stories has naturally transcended into the world of weddings.

We are down-to-earth casual folks who truly love what we do for a living.  We are creative, out-of-the-box-thinkers who strive to make every single film+photo we produce extraordinary.

No, we are not part-timers looking for some extra cash, we do this for a living. We’re passionate, we’re fun, and we truly love the experience of documenting the happiest day of people’s lives and turning it into a timeless fusion of art and entertainment.

Hi! I am Adrian Dudziak, I am a self-taught, award winning photographer.

Starting at the early age of five, I developed an interest in taking photos and making homemade videos with my parent’s equipment. By grade eight, I had my first DSLR camera. Peter Lik, a well-known photographer was my biggest inspiration, and I became fascinated with shooting landscape and nature. Living in the beautiful Niagara region therefore gifted me with endless opportunities to master my craft. In grade twelve, I entered a photo into a David Suzuki competition, which was featured in a calendar.

Eventually my work evolved into weddings at the age of twenty-three. With landscape and nature being my passion, I have a unique approach to photographing my subjects. I am edgy, artistic and innovative in my method and  I use nature to create natural framing for my clients. With my particular attention to framing, my next logical step was into cinematic film style. In 2011, working alongside my now business partner, Adam Stephenson, Captivate was launched. 

In 2014 my beautiful daughter was born and in 2015 I married the love of my life. I had the privilege to experience a wedding on the flip side of the lense. This has given me a whole new appreciation for what I get to call my passion. Now having two children I have developed my craft to include lifestyle photography. To this day, I have successfully shot over 150 weddings under the Captivate name.

I absolutely love what I do for a living. I am so honored when a couple chooses Captivate to capture one of the most important days of their lives. Capturing stories that offer a lifetime of memories is simply the most rewarding part of my job. I look forward to starting a new friendship with you!

Adam Stephenson


Hi there my name is Adam Stephenson and I’ve been in love with movies, film-making and storytelling since I was in grade school.

I started making movies in grade six and throughout high school I made three feature films (all of which were terrible) before graduation. I ventured off to Thunder Bay for post-secondary education in the Film Production course at Confederation College. It was an excellent hands-on program which gave me a production orientated skill set for the coming years. Post-college, I moved back to Niagara and began to establish myself in the corporate, commercial and wedding world. Since 2007, I have shot, edited and collaborated on projects at Brock University, Niagara College, White Oaks, Halls Brazil, Education Foundation of Niagara, The Athletic Club, Trius Winery, Pillitteri and many more. Working alongside my peers I’ve developed several web series, short films, feature films and wrote a feature length screenplay which was produced and made available through On Demand. I’ve spent the same amount of time working on countless weddings (definitely nearing 300+) with various companies. Throughout the years the one thing that has never changed is my love for creating content. I’m a storyteller at heart with a passion for capturing genuine or manufactured moments and immortalizing them on the screen.

In 2011, I co-founded Captivate Photo+Cinema and have found great success working with all sorts of clients ranging from recently engaged couples, musicians, advertising agencies and charitable organizations. I absolutely love being able to work with such a varied array of individuals and work with them to create exciting material that compliments their vision. My career goal is to continue to work with as many people as possible, while honing my production and post-production skills in order to tell stories through motion, music and movie magic*.

*magic experience may vary

Reece FisherReece Fisher


Reece is not your average creative personality.

Reece grew up in a competitive lifestyle in the world of sports. This developed his mind to always be looking for an edge and to always be challenging himself, as well as others around him. Naturally, this transferred elegantly into working in the video and photography industry. Having an insatiable desire to inspire his creativity has allowed him to become a successful entrepreneur only a few years out of high school. Since stepping out on his own, he has been traveling the world and honing his craft with many high-profile clients such as Ganon Baker Basketball, No Limit Performance, Brock University and USports.

Although considered the youth and energy amongst his peers in the industry, Reece has a natural ability to find and tell a story no matter the subject. His background experience with the many teams he has been on has allowed him to connect with clients and truly convey their vision on to the digital medium.

In 2015, the wedding industry caught his interest and he started working as a videographer and editor for Captivate Photo+Cinema. Together they have built a relationship that has not only allowed for both Instillment and Captivate to grow, but they have taken new steps forward in redefining wedding and commercial content.

The power to capture and create moments is something Reece has developed over years of learning, practice, failure and success. He continues to fuel his dream of inspiring others to think, feel and remember day in, and day out.